Industry Haus is an independent creative talent management agency that promotes collaborations between clients as well as talent. We help individuals work together across various disciplines with ease.
We are continuously searching and registering new talent within all categories of our business to ensure diversity. The talent we have chosen to represent are those who we could place in collaborations together and also work with clients on a professional basis. We house up and coming creatives as well as those who are experts in their field so we can meet the needs of our clients.
We aim to not only place our talent in successful jobs internally and externally but enhance each talents portfolios on our books whilst they are with us. Our main focus is the quality of the collaboration/job, so each creative’s work is reviewed by a small team of staff before putting you forward for paid jobs. We also ask for regular feedback from our clients and talent after each project is completed so we know how we can work with each creative to improve everyone’s experience if necessary.

As a company we take pride in offering equal opportunities for all creative disciplines in an easy, user-friendly environment, whether it be face to face or over the phone.

Each day we strive not only to get better as a company but to serve each talent individually so they can experience the best possible service. Not only are we relatable each day we remind ourselves each day that our service has to be one of quality, fair to all talent and an easy process to be a part of.

By being a non exclusive agency allows us to be flexible with what our talents needs and wants are. Many of the talent on our books do not pursue their creative desires as a full time job and it’s not always an easy transition to do with a lack of security. Throughout this phase we are here to understand, relate and adapt on a month to month basis. As a result of this we do not charge anyone to register with us as we can never guarantee anyone work. Due to the industry and our talents lives changing on a regular basis one of our core values is communication, without this we can’t function as a business, not can we provide excellent customer service.


Our Successful Jobs

2017 - 2018